SKFM Private Fund Management
SKFM Private Fund Management


September 2 , 2008


Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has granted SKFM a Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors status, which would enable SKFM to broaden our client's investment portfolio exposure to Indian equity markets under recent new SEC foreign investment regulations.



June 20 , 2008


Seamico Knight Fund Management Securities Company Limited has changed its name to "Siam Knight Fund Management Securities Company Limited (SKFM)" on June 20, 2008, following a divestment by Seamico Securities Plc.


May 8 , 2008


The Knight Pacific Fund (KPF) was listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. KPF is a directional long/short equity fund, aiming to provide investors with medium long-term capital appreciation from listed equities in emerging Asian markets, particularly China, Hong Kong and ASEAN countries. SKFM is the submanager of KPF.



January 11, 2008


SKFM received a Derivatives Investment Manager License from the SEC, which will enable SKFM to offer hedging services to our clients by using stock index futures contracts after receiving final approval from the SEC.



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